#PFDEfilm: Biggest Project Yet

I am very pleased to announce that we have received substantial additional funding, to continue with the production of the film Press Freedom: Domestic Extremist (PDFE).

The film documents the experiences of six UK journalists that found themselves on a police Domestic Extremist database and set on a legal challenge against spying on journalists.

For me personally as a journalist, filmmaker and one of the named Domestic Extremists, this has become by far the biggest project I have ever attempted.

It is also the longest legal case I have ever faced along with the five other claimants. So far it has surpassed the 2011 Dale Farm Production Order case three-fold, which went all the way to the Royal Courts of Justice and we won, halting the arbitrary seizure of journalist material by police for evidence and intelligence purposes .

Filming of PFDE started way back in June 2015. Since then there has been 30 hours of interviews, 90 hours of footage gathered and archived from aa 12-year archive and 133 hours of editing, graphics and scriptwriting.

This is barely half of the work needed to be able to fully tell this story, with another four interviews planned, another five boxes of DV tapes and six hard drives to scour.

A special thanks to Lush for the most recent funding.

The last 18 months of work was only possible thanks to the following contributions,

£500 NUJ London Independent Broadcasting and New Media Branch

£500 NUJ London Freelance Branch

£133 NUJ Oxford Branch

£117 NUJ London Photographer’s Branch

A ten-minute film preview will air at the Lush Summit in London on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm.

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

Archive available from http://www.reportdigital.co.uk

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NUJ & IFJ Freelance Video Journalist
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